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The Blackboard calendar allows personalization and customization for each user. Users can select different views (month, week, day) and color-code the events to differentiate between courses and personal items.

Course items with due dates automatically appear on the new Blackboard calendar.  If an instructor changes a due date, the calendar automatically reflects the new date. Additionally, moving a calendar item (by clicking on the item or drag and drop) simultaneously changes a due date for an instructor.  Users can also create recurring events by selecting the “repeat” checkbox.

Course calendar events appear to all members of the course. Common entries include upcoming tests, due dates for assignments, or special lectures. Calendar events may be viewed at once or filtered to show only the desired mix of class and personal events. Users can select which calendars to view, ranging from personal to institution to individual course listings. These calendar items can also be exported via an iCal feed to Outlook, Google or other third party calendars.

For more information about Calendar, select from the following:

Video - Blackboard Learn: Calendar

Access the Calendar

  1. On the course menu, click Tools.
  2. On the Tools page, Click More Tools, select Calendar. [View screenshot 1] [View screenshot 2]
  3. On the My Blackboard tab, select Calendar in the Tools panel. [View screenshot]
  4. From the global navigation menu, select Calendar. [View screenshot]
  5. In the Control Panel, click Course Tools and then select Course Calendar. [View screenshot]

Create an Event

  1. On the calendar, click the plus (+) to create a new event. You can also click inside a date to create an event. [View screenshot]
  2. Type the New Event Name. [View screenshot]
  3. Select a Calendar to associate the event to, such as your personal calendar. [View screenshot]
  4. Select the Start and End times. [View screenshot]
  5. Type the Event Description descriptions. Note: There is a 4,000-character limit for event descriptions. [View screenshot]
  6. Click Save.

Create a Recurring Event

Select the Repeat check box to create recurring events. Additional options appear that allow you to create multiple events based on a repeating pattern:

Repeat Options: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Supported:
Daily End after X number of times or on a particular date.
Weekly Repeat Day of the week supported. End after X number of times or on a particular date.
Monthly Repeat Day of the Month (1-31) or day of the week (first Sunday, second Sunday, etc.) supported, End after X number of times or on a particular date.
Bulk Add (Series) You can create a series with the Repeat Options.
Bulk Delete (Series) You can delete the entire series created via Repeat Options.
Edit an Instance

You can edit an instance of the series. If date/time of the instance is changed, that particular instance has a “broken” icon to indicate that it no longer conforms with the original series rules.

Note: Changing the name or description of an instance DOES NOT break the instance from the series.

Editing Series
(Known limitation)
At this time you CANNOT edit the series. Once the series has been created, you can bulk delete or make changes to individual instance.

Edit or Delete an Event

On the Calendar, navigate to the date of the event in the main view. From the event you can:

  1. Click the event to edit or delete it. [View screenshot ]
  2. Drag an event to another date in the main view to change the date of the event. The time of the event and calendar it is associated with remain the same. [View screenshot 1] [View screenshot 2]
  3. Drag an event from the main view to another date on the smaller monthly view to change the date. [View screenshot 1] [View screenshot 2]

Add a Calendar Link to the Course Menu

If you want students to access the course calendar from your course, you can add a link to the course menu for one-click access to the tool. You can also customize the name of the Calendar link.

  1. Change Edit Mode to ON and point to the plus sign above the course menu. The Add Menu Item drop-down list appears.
  2. Select Tool Link. [View screenshot]
  3. Type a Name for the link. [View screenshot]
  4. From the Type drop-down list, select Calendar. [View screenshot]
  5. Select the Available to Users check box. [View screenshot]
  6. Click Submit.

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