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Global Navigation Menu

Once you have logged in to Blackboard, the Global Navigation Menu is always located in the upper right-hand corner of the display. Clicking your name or selecting the small triangle activates a pull-down menu where shortcuts are provided. Next to the triangle may be a small number in a red square indicating that changes, notifications, and updates have been made in any of your courses since the last login.

For more information about the Global Navigation Menu, select from the following:

Global Navigation Menu Overview
Bb Home Blackboard Home icon Bb Home takes you to a summary page that lists announcements, graded items, and posts. Bb Home displays the five most recent activities in your courses.
Posts Blackboard Posts icon The Posts tool shows the posts (discussion board, blog, wiki, etc.) made in your courses since last login.
Updates Blackboard Upgrade icon The Updates tool shows all announcements and changes to courses. All courses are displayed by default, or select the name of an individual course to see updates or announcements from that course only. These updates and announcements are presented in order from most recent to oldest.
My Grades (student view only) Blackboard My Grades icon My Grades appears next in the student view and allows students to view all grades for all courses in one location.  If the user is not a student, the icon will not appear.
Calendar Blackboard Calendar icon The Calendar tool provides a calendar within Blackboard that includes any assigned course due dates. Courses are color coded, and users can select and modify the color that represents each course. Users can also choose which courses are displayed on the calendar by marking the checkbox directly in front of the course name. If an event is selected on the calendar, a detail window opens with a complete description. Users can change the appearance of the calendar and view a day, a week or a month.

Click any date on the calendar to enter a new event. At the end of the colored course list is the ICALENDAR with a button below. If the button is selected, a URL is created that can be imported into other calendar applications. If this URL is shared, be aware that all private information will also display to people with access.

People The People tool allows you to find and connect with anyone who has made a profile through a course you're enrolled in or in the greater Blackboard network.
Messages My Blackboard messages allows you to communicate with anyone in your Blackboard learning network. You must be logged in to Blackboard to send and receive My Blackboard messages.
Spaces The Spaces tool provides an area for you to create groups to communicate and work collaboratively.
Text Links   The global navigation menu also has text links. The most commonly used is “Courses,” which provides the user with a shortcut to move between courses. Another popular choice is “Settings,” which allows the user to select which notifications are received.

Video - Global Navigation and My Blackboard (Blackboard)


The notification system alerts you when events occur in your courses: items need grading, new content and tests are made available, and unread discussions and blogs. Notifications are generated automatically whenever the associated events occur.

Edit Notification Settings

You can customize the notification settings for all of the courses you are enrolled in. Click your name in the upper right to expand the Global Navigation Menu, select Tools and then select Edit Notifications Settings.

  • Edit General Settings: Select your email format — individual messages for each notification or daily digest — and the reminder schedule for due dates.
  • Bulk Edit Notification Settings: Change the notification settings for all of your courses at once. You can select which notification types you want to receive and the method of delivery.
  • Edit Individual Course Settings: Change the notification settings for a single course.
How to Select General Notification Settings

The general settings enable you to specify whether you want to receive notifications by email and if you want due date reminders.

  1. From the Global Navigation Menu, select Tools and then select Edit Notifications Settings.
  2. On the Edit Notification Settings page, click Edit General Settings.
  3. On the General Settings page, you can choose to receive an email for each notification or a daily digest email that compiles all of the notifications for that day.
    • Individual Messages: Emails are sent for each notification. The exception to this is that the digest selection is necessary for email notifications for unread discussion board messages, unread blog posts, and unread journal entries.
    • Daily Email Digest: All notifications are collected and sent once per day at a time set by your institution.
  4. Select Yes to choose due date reminders for notifications. Set the number of days before the due date you want to be notified. This email reminder is sent as a digest email or as individual emails, depending upon the option you select.
  5. Click Submit.
How to Turn Notifications On and Off and Select Delivery Methods

You can select which notification types you receive and the methods used to deliver them to you.

  1. From the Global Navigation Menu, select Tools and then select Edit Notification Settings.
  2. On the Edit Notification Settings page, select the link for Courses I am taking or Courses I am teaching to change notification settings for all courses at once.

Alternatively, you can make selections for individual courses by selecting a course name under Edit Individual Course Settings. The Current Notification Settings page appears and provides the same options.

  1. Under Settings, select how your notifications are delivered by selecting the check box at the top of a column or by selecting check boxes for individual tools or features. Remove the check mark for any notification that you do not wish to receive.
    • Dashboard - By default, all notification types appear in My Blackboard's Updates and Posts pages and in course home pages.
    • Email - Email notification messages are sent to the email address you provided in your Personal Information.
    • Mobile - Select which push notifications you want to appear on your mobile device. Push notifications appear on your device's screen without having to open the Blackboard app.
  2. After making your notification selections, click Submit.

Email and mobile notifications are turned off by default. If you wish to receive notifications in these ways, you need to select them. 

For the following items, you can select email notifications only if daily digest email is selected in Edit General Settings. If you have not selected daily digest email, the selection box for these items is not available.

  • Unread discussion board messages
  • Unread blog posts
  • Unread journal entries

View the Global Navigation Menu
  1. Log in to Blackboard.
  2. Click on your name or select the small triangle that appears in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select the icon or link needed.

If the Global Navigation Menu Won't Expand

If Group by Term is selected in the My Courses list settings, it may prevent the Global Navigation Menu from expanding. To restore access to the menu:

  1. Go to the My Courses settings page, for instructions see: https://blackboard.ku.edu/students/edit-my-courses-list.
  2. Find any semesters for which there are no courses.
  3. For empty semesters, uncheck the Show Term checkbox to the right in the Group by Term section.
  4. Click Submit.

For Additional Resources from Blackboard:

For more information about the global navigation menu, visit Blackboard's' Global Navigation and My Blackboard ».

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