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Grades Import from Blackboard to Enroll & Pay

Starting December 2018 instructors can designate one grade column in a Blackboard Grade Center as the final grade. They can then use the steps in this document [http://sis.ku.edu/grades-import-blackboard-enroll-pay] to import the grades in the designated column to Enroll & Pay. This applies only to the KU Lawrence Blackboard system, not to the KUMC Blackboard system.

Below are the options for preparing a grade column in Blackboard for grades import. The greatest work saving will be for those instructors with large classes who use a calculated Grade Center column (Total or Weighted Total) to show students their final grade in the class. Instructors teaching small classes may prefer to enter the grades one by one in Enroll & Pay. The .csv file upload method will continue to be an available option.

If you have questions about any of these steps please contact KU IT Educational Technology for assistance on the Lawrence campus at itedtech@ku.edu and 785-864-2600 and on the Edwards campus at kuec_edtech@ku.edu and 913-897-8443.


Prepare a grade column in Blackboard for import to Enroll & Pay

1.  Indicate which column will be imported to Enroll & Pay

2.  Ensure that grades are in letter format 

3.  Verify the grade schema 

4.  Access Enroll and Pay and import grades 


1. Indicate which column will be imported to Enroll & Pay

The green checkmark shows which column is set as the External Grade. By default in a new Blackboard course this is the Total column:

To select a different column such as the Weighted Total, click the options menu for the column and select Set as External Grade. The green checkmark will move to the updated column name. A column which is selected as External Grade cannot be hidden from students or deleted. The import process from Blackboard to Enroll & Pay will pull only from the column with the green checkmark.


2. Ensure that grades are in letter format

Only letter grades can be imported into Enroll & Pay, not numbers for scores or percentages. Select Letter for the Primary Display of the selected column. Put your cursor on the column name, click the options menu, select Edit Column Information, for Primary Display select Letter, click Submit at the bottom right. 


3. Verify the grade schema (what percentage = A, A-, B+, B, etc.)

Blackboard uses a schema to determine the percentage cut offs for the letter grade levels. To see this schema, go to the Grade Center, Full Grade Center, put your cursor on the blue Manage menu, select Grading Schemas. Put your cursor on the schema name Letter, click the options menu, select Edit.


You can use the default settings or edit this schema to match your department’s grade rules. If you have questions about editing the grade schema please contact the Educational Technologists. 


4. Access Enroll & Pay and import grades

Use the instructions in this document [http://sis.ku.edu/grades-import-blackboard-enroll-pay] to import grades from the indicated column in Blackboard. For courses that are merged in Blackboard the instructor will need to import grades for each class in Enroll & Pay. See the ‘Combined (Merged) Sections’ passage for more information. If you have questions about Enroll & Pay please contact Student Records in the Registrar’s Office studentrecords@ku.edu.

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