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With reports, you can view information about student activity within your course. Blackboard has several reports you can select and run. You can search the list of reports based on keywords in the names or descriptions to find the report to generate the information you need. Or, you can create a unique report for your courses and students, which you save or print. For example, you can create a progress report that contains all of the grades from a particular period for a defined group of students in a class, such as special-needs students or transfer students. This report can then be printed and handed out to each student if desired.

Course reports are found in the lower left Control Panel area in Evaluation, Course Reports.

For more information about Reporting, select from the following:

Select an Existing Report

By default, Blackboard Learn has several automatically configured reports. You can choose and run one of the following reports within Course Reports:

  • All User Activity Inside Content Areas – A summary of all user activity inside content areas for the course.
  • Course Coverage Report – This report displays goals coverage information for a single Blackboard Learn course. Data includes both covered and gap values for all curricular areas that the course is associated with, as well as a breakdown of course items that have been aligned to goals.
  • Course Performance – This report displays information showing how a single Blackboard Learn course performs against a selected set of goals. Performance targets and a range of acceptable performance for the course can be determined when running the report. Data includes averages for the entire course as well as individual students and goals.
  • Overall Summary of User Activity – This report displays user activity for all areas of the course, as well as activity dates, times and days of the week.
  • Student Overview for Single Course – This report displays an individual student's activity within a course, sorted by date. It includes the total overall time the student spent in the course as well as and detailed information about the student's activity, such as which items and content areas the student accessed and the time spent on each.
  • User Activity in Forums – This report displays a summary of user activity in discussion board forums for the course.
  • User Activity in Groups – This report displays a summary of user activity in groups for the course.

Generate a Report
  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Evaluation section and click Course Reports.
  2. On the Course Reports page, put your cursor on the report name, click the contextual menu (gray circle) and select Run.
  3. On the Run Reports page, select the Report Specifications. Options vary depending on the type of report:
    • Select Format - Choose an output format from the menu. Valid formats are PDF, HTML, Excel, or Word. Charts don't display in Excel format. The Single Course User Participation Report data is only provided in an Excel spreadsheet (XLS) format.
    • Select a Start Date and Select an End Date: For reports that cover a specific period of time, select beginning and ending dates for the report. To include data from today's date, select the end date for tomorrow. A short time delay occurs based on the time it takes the database to record the activity. If the data you want isn't in the report, wait a short while and run the report again.
    • Select Students: To run a report on a single student, select the student name from the menu.
    • Select Users: Select one or more users for the report. Windows: to select multiple users in a list, press the Shift key and select the first and last users. To select users out of sequence, press the Ctrl key and select each user needed. Macs, press the Command key instead of the Ctrl key.
    • Average Range and Target Performance Level: Required for course performance reports. You can set these reports to Show Unavailable Students and/or Show Unaligned Goals.
  4. Click Submit. If a course report includes a large number of users, it can take several minutes or longer for a report to generate. PDF and HTML formats open directly in a new window. Excel and Word prompt you to save the file first. To print reports, use the print function in the application window that the report opened in.
  5. After a report is successfully run, you can perform the following tasks:
    • Save to Content Collection
    • Download Report - Save the report to your computer.
    • Run a New Report - Return to the Run Reports page to run the report again with different criteria.
  6. Click OK when finished.

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