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Tests and Quizzes

Tests and quizzes are used to assess your mastery over course content and objectives. Your instructor assigns point values to each question. Your answers are submitted for grading, and the results are recorded in the Grade Center. You can view your grades in My Grades when your instructor makes them available to you.

You can find tests in a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder.

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Take a Test

Your instructor lets you know when a test is available and where to find it in your course. Before you begin, make sure you have a strong internet connection. A wired connection may be more reliable than a wireless connection. If you have any trouble taking your test or understanding test questions, contact your instructor immediately.

NOTE: Do not refresh the page, close the window, or click the browser's back button while taking a test. If you experience problems during a test, contact your instructor.

  1. Navigate to the test and click the link.
  2. Read all provided instructions. Click Begin to take the test. [View screenshot]
  3. Your instructor may choose to have you type a password to begin taking a test. If necessary, type the valid password and click Submit to begin the test. The test continues to prompt for a valid password until the correct one is provided. [View screenshot]
  4. As you work, answers will be saved automatically, or you can click Save next to each question or Save All Answers at the top or bottom of the page as you work. [View screenshot]
  5. Click Save and Submit when you complete the test.

Note: If your instructor has associated a rubric with an essay, file response, or short answer question on a test, click View Rubric to display the grading criteria.

View Test Results

The majority of questions in Blackboard tests are automatically graded. Your instructor defines the correct answers and assigns a certain number of points to each question when the test is created. The system validates your answers against the key and assigns a score. You may see your score immediately after completing the test if all questions are automatically graded and your instructor has chosen to release this information. Instructors may choose to wait until all students have finished taking a test before releasing scores or other feedback.

Essay questions, file response, and short answer questions are not automatically graded. Your instructor must grade these questions manually. If a test contains these question types, the grade for the test is released after your instructor finishes grading.

If your instructor has associated a rubric with an essay, file response, or short answer question and made it available, View Rubric appears next to the Save Answer function. Click View Rubric to review the criteria your instructor has chosen.

The results you can see after completing a test depend on the options selected by your instructor. For example, your instructor may only show the final score for one test, while for another test the final score and correct answers are displayed. Feedback includes one or more of the following:

  • Final score for the test
  • Answers submitted
  • Correct answers
  • Feedback for the questions

To access feedback and grade information:

  1. Select the test in the content area or use the My Grades tool.
  2. On the View Attempts page, click on the grade in the Calculated Grade column to access the test, your answers, and any instructor feedback. [View screenshot]

Note: If your instructor used a rubric for grading an essay, file response, or short answer test question and made it available, click View Rubric while viewing the graded test to display detailed information.

Retake a Test

If you are allowed to take a test multiple times, it is noted at the top of the test. If the instructor has placed a limit on the number of attempts, it is also noted at the top. A link to take the test again appears when the test is re-opened. Your instructor determines which of the test attempt scores are recorded in the Grade Center.

Test Presentation Options

Force Test Completion: If force completion is enabled, you must complete the test the first time it is launched. If force completion is enabled, it is noted at the top of the test. You are not allowed to exit the test and continue working on it at a later date. The Save function is available for you to save the test as you work through it, but you are not allowed to exit and restart the test.

Backtrack Prohibited: You are not allowed to go back to questions you have already answered if backtracking is prohibited. If backtracking is prohibited, it is noted at the top of the test. When you take a test that does not allow backtracking, an error appears when you attempt to use the Back function within the test.

Test Presentation: Your instructor has two different options for presenting questions in tests: All-at-once or One-at-a-time. An All-at-once test presents all of the questions on a page at the same time. The One-at-a-time test presents questions separately. Only one question appears on the screen at a time. You decide when you are ready to move onto the next question.

Taking a Test with Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a secure browser that prevents students from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during a test. If your instructor has enabled Respondus Lockdown Browser for a test, you will not be able to access the test in a standard web browser. You will need to install Respondus Lockdown Browser to access the test. 

For more information on how to install Respondus Lockdown Browser, please visit KU's Knowledge Base.

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