Blackboard at the University of Kansas

Canvas is Now KU's Learning Management System

  • Canvas has replaced Blackboard as KU's learning management system.
  • Access Canvas and related resources at KU Canvas Help

Download Blackboard Content in 2023

Blackboard will be accessible during 2023 to allow viewing of old classes and downloading past material.

Blackboard Content in 2024 and Beyond

After 2023, KU Information Technology will retain Blackboard course archive files, as well as some additional material for courses with content and student submissions, for academic courses for the past 5 years.

Download Blackboard in 2023

KU users can continue to log into Blackboard through the end of calendar year 2023. Use the link below to access steps for instructors to export and save an entire course or specific items from existing Blackboard courses.
Directions to download Blackboard content

Blackboard Content in 2024 and Beyond

Archived Files

  • After 2023, KU Information Technology will retain Blackboard course archive files for five years of academic semesters, consistent with KU's LMS Policy.
  • In Spring 2024, these past semesters will include Spring 2019 through Fall 2022.
  • These archive files can be imported into Canvas by sending a request to

Content Not Imported to Canvas

  • While it depends on the on the activities used in the course, not all Blackboard content will import into Canvas. 
  • Activities such as blogs, journals, wikis and external tools will not be imported.
  • Student work and grades will not be imported.
  • Learn more in the Moving from Blackboard to Canvas Guide.

Course Items Automatically Backed Up

For Blackboard courses that contain content and assignment submissions during these semesters, KU IT will backup specific items from the courses including:

  • Grade Center
  • Assignment Submissions and Feedback

Blackboard Course Archive Files and Access to Retained Items

To have a Blackboard course archive file restored into Canvas or to access any additional retained items from a Blackboard course, contact KU IT Educational Technology at